First of all, you can’t enjoy the view through your windows. You’ll look out from within your home and try to see what’s outside and you can’t see too much.

This problem with foggy windows is probably at its worst during the fall and winter months. But it can happen anytime depending on the reason for the fog’s appearance on the glass in the first place.

Condensation: On the Glass Surface and Between the Glass

Condensation can appear either on the surface of the glass or in between the glass.

On The Glass Surface

Condensation of the surface of the glass can happen whether it’s a hot or a cold day. If it’s a hot day, the condensation or fog will appear on the exterior part of the windows.

But if it’s a cold day, the fog is going to appear on the other side or the interior part of the windows. The worst case of foggy windows is going to happen when the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature.

Between the Glass

If the condensation is between the glass, then it’s a different problem altogether. It’s because in such a case, the seal is broken. Over time, the window will more than likely be permanently foggy. So in a way, this is a bigger danger and threat to your windows.

After looking at the different cases of foggy windows and what their causes are, you need to decide. Which is best for your foggy windows? Is it window repair or replacement ?

Repair or Replacement?

You will need the help of professionals like Window Cleaning Keller TX to determine whether you need a window repair or window replacement. If it’s already too damaged, then a full replacement is called for. But if it can still be salvaged, then repair is an equally good option for you.

With window replacement, you have a couple of available options as well. It could either be a full window replacement or partial window replacement. In a partial window replacement, the process requires less effort and time. The expense is also not as high.

Keller Window Cleaning and Repair

In a full window replacement, the entire window itself is going to be replaced. That includes the entire frame and not just the windows.

For window repair, it’s probably the best option for those foggy windows that are a little less damaged or dealing with less condensation.

Whether your windows are still covered by warranty is also going to play a factor. It would be easier to go for repair or even for replacement if the windows are still covered by warranty. A warranty usually lasts for as long as 10 years and in the cases of high-end windows for as long as 20 years.

In the end, the decision will be based mostly on the condition of your windows. The best thing for you to do is to contact a reputable window repair or replacement company. They’ll send over professionals who are experts at what they do and help you decide on what’s best for your windows.